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How Do I Choose From All Of These Martial Arts?
How Do I Choose From All Of These Martial Arts?

The one thing that we have plenty of in Australia is choice!.. When you go to a shopping mall and feel like a coffee…your first step is to pick from one of the 20 different coffee outlets right? Then the real choice…lite, skim, full cream, soy, regular blend, or ‘our special’ blend, latte’, mocha, cappuccino…Well martial arts (and just about everything else in our society) has become the same… Choosing a Martial Arts school for you or your children is no different.

30 years ago when I started, there were a lot less choices, and most everything was discovered by word of mouth or the old Yellow Pages…the book, not the online thing!

Nowadays, just right here in the Narellan area, let alone greater Macarthur, there a plethora of options open to you. So let me help you make the right decision for YOU! I won’t rave on here about me, my experience and why Kenpo 5.0 and The Achieve Centre is the best option.

I will give you a concise checklist that will ensure that you choose wisely and correctly. If that means that we’re not the right ‘fit’ for you, then I can honestly say that we wish you the very best.

Like any ‘industry’, there are bad, average, good, great and exceptional martial arts schools.

  • Are you looking for a Sport, a traditional martial art, modern martial art? Do you want discipline? Is it self-defence you’re after?
  • What is the culture of the school? Are their huge ego’s present?
  • Are the staff welcoming? Do they still have a strong discipline and respect culture?
  • Are the Martial Arts schools/centres that you are looking at reputable?
  • Are they long standing?…Have they been part of your community for many years, even decades.
  • Who is in charge? What is their experience and background? Are they all that they say they are? Are they approachable and accessible?
  • What is the instructor team like? Who are they? What is their experience? Do instructors change often? Are they a ‘product’ of the quality teaching at the school?
  • Is it a professional, full time centre? Is it clean?
  • Are there separate classes for children and adults? Children and adults clearly learn differently and at different rates.

Does the school offer classes split into levels/ranks and experience? You don’t want to be lost in the crowd!

Hopefully this helps you in your ‘quest’ for the right martial arts school…We believe that you have already found it!… We would still encourage you however, to do your homework, and then hopefully we will see you back here to book a trial.

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