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Dear Parents,
Welcome to Achieve After School program…the most innovative after school program available!

This is not an OOSH or Child Care Centre, but an opportunity for kids to be able to be part of our schools Kenpo program instead of attending those other facilities. We can not offer a government rebate….what we can offer is the best Martial Arts program around on a daily basis for your child, at a rate that will in most instances, compete with what you are or would be paying for a regular after school care option.



We will pick students up after school and bring them back to our school in our bus (all seatbelts).
The children will then have some supervised free time for a healthy snack, before completing all necessary school homework in our supervised Homework and Tuition room. This room is for the exclusive use of children enrolled in the program only
Students will participate in their scheduled Kenpo class each day
Students then have their free time in the dedicated and fully supervised recreation room.
Parents then pick up their child(ren) by 6:30pm Monday to Thursday and 6:00pm Fridays.
Enjoy the evening with your family!
Your child has been safely picked up, given a healthy snack, exercised, learned the best self defence, hung out with great role models, students and instructors. Just head home and enjoy your family!
  • Camden Public School
  • Camden South Public School
  • Cobbity Public School
  • Currants Hill Public School
  • Elderly Public School
  • Harrington Park Public School
  • Mount Annan Public School
  • Narellan Public School
  • Narellan Vale Public School
  • Oran Pack Anglican College
  • Oran Park Public School
  • Spring Farm Public School
  • St Clare’s Catholic Narellan Vale
  • St Justin’s Catholic College Oran Park
  • St Paul’s Catholic College


6-11 years Our goal is to instill values such as: focus, respect, self-discipline, self-respect, self-control, and a positive attitude in the three most important areas of the student’s life. We follow the Kenpo Kids 5.0 program, teaching them basic stances, blocks, strikes, kicks, and foot maneuvers. This class prepares each student to eventually enter the Intermediate class.

Each student follows the Kenpo Kids 5.0 Program consisting of forms, sets, self-defense techniques, and sparring. Each student will learn the value of hard work while instilling confidence, respect, focus, self-discipline, self-control, and humility. Students will gain the knowledge to adequately perform basic stances, blocks, strikes, kicks, and foot maneuvers.

So!… homework is done, the kids have been in a positive and friendly environment with great role models all afternoon!…. They have been exercising and learning great self defence, focus, discipline and respect!…..and you can pick them up and enjoy you evening with the family!!

Places are strictly limited and the program is available for 1-5 day enrolments, for children in years K – 6.

At this stage will only be picking students up from selected local schools: (we are creating waiting lists for other local schools, so please let us know if you are interested and we will add your child’s name to that schools list)

Schools include, but are not limited to (dependant on demand): Narellan Vale Public School Mount Annan Public School St Claires Catholic School Camden Public School St Pauls (Camden). Other schools will be added, please let us know where you may need pick up from. Call us now to secure your child’s place in our After School Classes!

We ensure that homework is completed and set worksheets and tasks for the children if they ‘forget’ their schoolwork too! Every After School student has a daily and weekly communications sheet available for parents to see what their child accomplished for the day. We also provide a full written report to parents on your child’s progress each and every term!

  • “Joshua Gales joined Kenpo 5.0 just over a year ago & I’ve only seen positive changes in him. Ranging from self-confidence to leadership skills, I’ve found having Junior Leaders can break the learning barrier for the younger kids as it has inspired Joshua to want to become Junior Leader as well. Kenpo isn’t just about learning how to defend yourself, it will help with everyday skills & challenges. Not to mention his self defence skills he’s acquired, look out bad guys.”

    Anthony Gales
  • “The after school program is great, not only do they pick up from school but there is a tutor who helps with homework prior to the Kenpo class. Friendly staff who genuinely encourage kids to reach their potential.”

    Donna Brown
  • “Original I started my youngest son at Kenpo 5.0 to help him with self-discipline along with hand eye coordination development. My eldest son joined a few months later after being bullied at school. While both my boys were nervous to start with they soon found that the learning environment and culture found at Achieve Martial arts was very welcoming. Sitting on the sidelines I watched as both my boys gaining confidence, fitness, self-defence skills and friendships. I soon decided that I didn’t want to just watch my kids I wanted to take part for myself. Now Kenpo something we can all enjoy together. I can highly recommended Achieve Martial Arts and encourage anyone no matter their age or fitness level to give it a go. You will thank yourself for it.”

    Rita Maher
  • “My family has been training at Achieve Martial Arts for over 5 years, my son Jack started in February 2011 and has progressed through the kids systems to Junior Black Belt and is currently ranked as an Advanced 3rd Degree Brown Belt in the Teen system. My wife, Joanne is currently ranked as a 2nd Degree Brown Belt and I achieved my First Degree Black Belt in June 2016.

    I have been fortunate enough to participate in the JSK 5.0 Fighter competition and Brown/ Black Belt test for the last 4 years in Las Vegas and say without hesitation that the tuition received at Achieve Martial Arts is truly world class.

    From my own personnel experience of watching my own Son grown, along with all the other students that train at JSK Macarthur, one area that should be commended is the discipline and self-esteem that shines through with training at Achieve Martial Arts. Children can exude confidence and develop into exceptional young men and women.

    Our training facility and our instructors have proven to be among the best not only in the Macarthur area or Australia, but throughout our worldwide organisation. Young or old, male or female, it does not matter. You will see the benefits of training at Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 Macarthur school.5”

    Ian Graham
  • Committed, you have to go a long way to find people that love what they do and strives to know more.

    David Reynolds
  • Nicole is a wonderful group and personal trainer. She will help you achieve all of your fitness and weight loss goals while also becoming a very good friend. Achieve fitness are a very friendly, relaxed & family orientated business.

    Keryn Gordan
  • The highlight of my week is walking into such a friendly welcoming and inviting environment. Nicole is an extremely knowledgable and motivating trainer who makes each visit fun and productive. With fantatsic group and private training options customised to suit own abilities and goals and my favourite part is you don’t spend hours working out. Fantastic when so time poor!! Since starting with Nicole I am not only stronger physically but mentally and it’s all thanks and testimony to such an incredible and dedicated trainer.

    Hayley Richardson
  • I first started attending Achieve Fitness & Personal Training during a time that I had very little motivation for going to the gym. I joined a Bootcamp that Nicole was running as well as attending two classes during the week. I found that my motivation and drive for exercise instantly increased. Nicole made exercise Fun. All of Nicole’s classes are different, which helps keep you interested. Nicole has shown a lot of patience as I am not a very co-ordinated person and have never participated in classes before. Nicole has a way of getting the best out of you even if you think that you are not capable. Nicole is a fantastic trainer and she is always flexible and is willing to work around peoples limitations.

    Kris Kovic

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